Asphalt Cowboy's LLC

What We Do

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Our dream was to start a company together that had purpose. Asphalt Cowboy's has been in the front of our minds for some time now. We have planned and re-thought every aspect of our company. Hauling goods is a need in America and for those who haul, it's a way of life.  We are building our own fleet and know what an Owner Operator needs. Our dispatching department is committed to working for you like we work for our own fleet. From booking quality loads, handling the paperwork per load, calling for roadside assistance, and communicating to the broker and shipper about the break down. We can help keep you focused on the road.

Disp​atching Services

All our dispatchers have earned the Learn Dispatch Certificate. We feel its important to better understand the middle man role of the industry. We charge 10% of the total load for our services. We work from 8am to 3pm in office and are on call 24/7. So when you need help managing break down payment and paperwork or can't get to the phone to call the shipper or broker about it, we got it. We also handle all the paperwork that is needed for each load and billing.  

Billing/Roadside Assistance

Many dispatch companies charge extra to handle billing and load paperwork. They also normally don't assist with breakdowns and contact everyone needed to deal with delivery issues. We include this in our service to you for one fee.

HotShot Trucking

We are getting our fleet up and running! Our goal is to have a small fleet of 5 to 10 trucks by 2022. Our experience with Tractor Trailer OTR driving is creating a strong foundation for this type of hauling. We chose this style of hauling because we had the equipment to start this way, and drivers seem to be more comfortable in a smaller scale operation. With the ability to haul a variety of loads and our location in the heart of a booming warehouse district we are excited to get loaded. Our fleet manager has 12 years experience in the trucking industry and our drivers training will reflect that!

We can't wait to do business with you